Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TV woes and more

I just want to know one thing. What is the most times a 1 year old can turn the TV on/off in one day. She is so addicted and can't seem to stop herself even when we are are telling her no and moving her away from the TV she still tries as hard as she can to turn it off. I guess this is just her OCD, but wow is it annoying. She even learns how to turn the TV at other people's houses.

Anyways, she is climbing everything. Yesterday she pushed the stool over behind the couch and was looking over the couch at me, it was very cute. She also reached up today and grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter. She was sitting on the couch and leaned against the pillow and leaned too far and was going over the side, thank heavens my supermom reactions grabbed her leg and pulled her back just as she was going over!

I just love seeing her grow up, she is bringing us books now to read to her. She has always loved to look at books but has not let us control the page turning until now. I love it and have struggled with the reading "for 15 minutes a day to your kids". I kept thinking I don't even get one page read and she is flipping the pages, but she is slowly coming around to the reading a story idea!

She has also started this funny fake cry that I am still trying to get on video, but she does it the most when I am gone. I went to the library to return some books last night and Britt said she did it the whole time I was gone and while she was with my parents today for piano lessons(yeah she loves me and can't live without me!).

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Jenny M said...

Don't we love our children!