Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What can she do?

I have my laptop back. I should say that HP does fix computers quickly. They got my computer on the 2nd and it was back in my hands on the 6th. That makes my very happy. I have no clue what they did because nothing was changed, they didn't reformat my hard drive, but the internet works so that is good.

Alexis is a very cranky baby. I am hoping it is just her teeth, but she does have a rash on the tops of her feet and bum and this morning there was 1 bump on her hand. I have looked in her mouth to see if there is anything there but all I can see is her molar coming in and her gums are very swollen. So I am really hoping that it is NOT hand foot and mouth. Yesterday she didn't want to eat very much, but today she is chowing down. Who knows, it is so hard to figure out what is wrong when she can't talk yet. Speaking of talking these are the words she says now:

Hi Dad
cheese (when I got the camera out today)

she signs
please and more
blows kisses

and her favorite things are
wearing her coat
pushing things around the house
turning the TV on/off
switching the VCR to CD player
looking out the window

So she is growing up really quickly and is so much fun. I love her so much.

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Jenny M said...

Sounds like Alexis has kept you busy! Cute Halloween pics!