Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alexis's new toy

We did so good at avoiding the throw up bug that was going around. We haven't done so good with the cold bug. Alexis is snotty and coughing. She at least slept all night long. I bought Hyland's Calms Forte from Fred Meyer. It is just supposed to help her relax and calm down, it is not a sleep drug. So far it has work the first night...maybe just a fluke though. Alexis got a pop up tent and 100 balls to go inside Yesterday. We took it to mom and me lunch to share, although Alexis was so tired and cranky that she didn't want anyone in it even if she was doing something else. After her nap she shared just fine with Evana. So I rearranged her room so that she could play with it when ever. She loves it. I will take a picture later. This was what she got with our income tax return! Lucky girl, I would have loved to have had a tent to play in. All we had were milk crates we stacked up in circle! It worked great for playing pioneers though, lol. Good times.

3 lil' notes:

Goff Six Adventures said...

Did I miss Mom & Me again? Ugh...I always want to go, but always forget!

The Peck's said...

I loved it we didn't need all the fancey toy that our kids have we used our imaginations. I remember putting the blankets over the crates and it would be a covvered wagon or a castel. We were good.

Jenn said...

Sounds like fun! Ashlee can't wait to come try it out with her friend! LOL. (once they are both better that is!)