Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catch phrase

Alexis has caught on to the hip way to say no:

No Way

It is pretty cute, at least way more cute then just no!

This way mom

She tells me which way we should go while driving or walking in the store.

I be right back

Says this when ever she leaves the room.

She honestly is giving me glimpses into the future of life with a teenager. It is scary. She is very bossy to her friends and has to be reminded to share her toys. She tells her friends

Don't touch it

At least I know she hears me when I tell her that. Haha caught her! She actually sat in the stroller for the entire 2 mile walk today. Usually she climbs out or if I buckle her she screams and slides down until her feet are dragging and I give up and let her out. That then slows us down so we might as well have stayed home. Anyways we went to the trail today and it must have been changing enough or the howling, freezing cold wind paralyzed her! It was so cold, I wish the wind would have been blowing on our way out because we would have turned around. I didn't wear a jacket just a long sleeve shirt (big mistake, it took me 3 hours to get warm again!) Well I need to crash, I am roasting 30 lbs of red potatoes tomorrow for the big Relief Society dinner! Fun, fun for me and I am babysitting 3 kids from 2-6!

2 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

Oh Alexis!!! 2 going on 17!!

Horn Family said...

Man they grow up fast! How did the Relief Society dinner go? I hope all went well!!! : ) Love You All!!!