Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scavanger Hunt!

I took this off Christina's blog because she had all of the pictures and did such a great job posting it!
clue #1:
Go to the place where the water flows…….sometimes. Other times it looks like a giant bubble bath!  Look for the stump & search nearby.
Answer: A. Snoqualmie Falls B. Green River C. Falling Water Sign

Clue #2: (Britt)
We first meet here under the watchful eye of “May”
Answer: A. Sacrament Meeting B. Institute C. UPS House

Clue #3: (Britt)
Run, hop, skip or Drive to the house of the Grandmother to all!
Answer: A. The Bishops Wife B.The Pearl St house C.Shirley’s House
Clue #4 (Tyler)
Some people slide, jump & think it’s “Super”……..go here & ask for your next clue.
Answer: A. Jumpin’Jack & Jill B. Super Jump C. Our trampoline

Clue # 5 (Britt)
We attend our classes, & get a 2hr reprieve from our little ones here….., search near the entrance with a bell for your next clue.
Answer: A. school B. BL Church Building C. Supermall

Clue #6 (Tyler)
You usually drive to this next location, but have taken the rails without hesitation. This may be the last place you want to be on your days off, but go to the front counter & ask for an envelope – we promise it will pay off!!!!!

Final Clue:
Hey guys – this is your final clue!
Go to the end of the runway………….where small planes land.
There used to be one of these just like it on the East hill of Kent, where you can choose your ingredients & eat until hearts content!
Meet us there, where we will be waiting,
don’t be long, or your tummy’s will be agitating!

We had such a good time going on a double date with Tyler and Christina! Christina called me and asked if we would be game for a scavenger hunt. I thought it would be fun. So Saturday Christina and I went and hid the clues and their little treats. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes. We sent the guys out and then hid 2 more clues. We went to Ikea and got some cute things for Alexis and Ella's rooms. We waited forever for them at the restaurant. It took them 3 hours to finish and we finally got to eat at almost 10pm. We really enjoyed getting to know the Goff's better and love having them as friends! Thanks for inviting us.

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