Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hunting for Eggs!

The all important Easter Egg hunts were held today. We went to the community center here by our house and Alexis got a golden egg so she got a prize. She choose a puzzle(ok I picked it)! She filled her basket and then ran over to me to dump it in a sack and then ran back out for more. After her area was clean she ran to the next age group to collect more. Luckily they had done a good clean up job and so she didn't get any more. We also did an egg hunt with Sam and Ben in our yard. They got so much candy from Grandma and Aunt Steph that I doubt the Easter bunny will leave candy in her basket. Fun times!Look at this Bunny! LOL totally cracks me up! At least the kids weren't afraid.

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Collett Family said...

That is the scariest bunny I have ever seen. It looks like the kids didn't mind and had fun anyway. Happy Easter!