Saturday, April 4, 2009

a bit of catch up

So I was thinking of heading to bed early and then I thought hmmm why not update the blog. I have not done a post in awhile so here it is!She has been doing really well with going to sleep without me sitting by her, I have to leave the light on and the door open though. She will look at books and we found her this way one night. Notice the baby...she loves this baby the most, and when I ask her who gave it to her she says grandma Shirley. It is very cute.Mickey Mouse pancakes. She thought this was so funny!Alexis, Ashlee and Evana having snack at the new table for the first time togetherThe dress Alexis is wearing is her favorite thing right now. It came with a matching baby doll dress and she asks to wear it everyday. She insisted on getting it when we where buying her a new dress. So when we got home and Evana came over she wanted Evana to wear a dress too. Now they both have to where a dress or jamas when Evana comes to play.Poor thing was just worn out and fell asleep while eating her soup. I have it on video too, so funny!We got her a new baby bed and changing table. The other bed kept falling apart. She is expertly changing her baby here!This was at the parade today. Not my most favorite of me, but ohwell. Alexis clapped, waved and said hi to just about everyone who went by. She got a bit scared with the cannons and would cover her ears when a big truck would drive by, I guess she thought they all had cannons. She had fun and that makes it worth it. It was a fabulous day today, sunny and 60! I was going to blog about my very exciting 31st birthday but my sister has the pictures for that. Stay tuned for Britt's even more exciting 33rd birthday on Monday. He wants an Ice Cream cake, but no party. I should invite all his friends and surprise him! He has a new/old job! KT transport was just not paying the bills and he heard that Selland(his old company) was hiring a local driver and that frieght is really good right now. They hired him on as a company driver. KT told him that he has a job still with them if he wants it and when things are slow give them a call. We are happy about that. Down fall is now we have to wait until August to get insurance. Still trying to decide what to do. If he can make enough we will keep paying for ours out of pocket, if not then we will pay for just Alexis. We are thankful that Sellands frieght isn't GM and Chryslter(sorry Dave). I am going to take lot's more pictures this month, I think I only took like 15 for March. Easter Egg Hunts and hopefully better weather will help with the picture crisis! I just have to go random real quick and tell you the daffodiles from the parade smell amazing, I put them in my Crystal vase that I got for Christmas.

Ok well going to go to bed early tonight. Alexis woke up at 2:30am and didn't go back to sleep until 5. If only she was still in a crib, but she isn't and she opens doors. She doesn't cry when she wakes up though; she just comes and gets into bed with us. I can't sleep with 3 in the bed, so I take her back into her room and try to get her to go back to sleep; anyways it is a process sometimes.

We got her an indoor trampoline. She bit her tongue pretty deep and so now she uses that as an excuse for everything. If she is in time out, her tongue hurts. Time for bed, her tongue hurts. So that was her thing at 3am this morning....grrrrr.... she cries I need medicine. It is hard for me to say no just go to sleep because she does have a cut on her tongue and well it probably does hurt. So then she needs to be held and well I am just a sucker. I know she is playing me, but I want to go back to sleep so I will do whatever it takes to get her there the fastest! Ok so that is the end of this post, night!

4 lil' notes:

Goff Six Adventures said...

Love the dress! Ella's like that with shoes. Glad to hear about the job - that's awesome!

The Newmans said...

I totally love the picture of her changing her baby's diaper! You have her trained! She is so makes me wish I had a girl.

Horn Family said...

Too cute!!! How fun to go to the parade!!! I sure do miss being over there!!!! Sigh what do you do though right? I just would love it if the weather would warm up some! It is freezing here!!! The wind is just mean! I have to walk to get Malachi from school! Not a good activity!!! Man I am going to be one tired Mama when I get home! hahahaha

acl said...

Wow changing a baby - girls are so different from boys! She is so darling and full of personality.