Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday only a week late!

Britt had his happy birthday on the 6th. He is now really old, 33, lol. He said he didn't want a party but did want an ice cream cake. So I went and bought the stuff and a few things for a barbecue. After I got home he asked if I would invite a few friends over. So I did and went back to the store and got more food. He got home a bit later then he wanted so all the food was ready and we were starving when he arrived so he skipped the shower until after. Alexis loves singing happy birthday and blowing out candles. We had to light them twice and she still beat him to blowing them out. The kids all played hard and got their first dirty feet of the spring, something Alexis was not very happy about.

Britt is a very kind and generous guy. If you ask him for help he will be there, even if he already has plans. He loves us very much and works so hard for us. I love him and so does Alexis. He has blessed my life beyond words and I am grateful that he is my eternal companion! I luvba you daddy (Alexis)! Sorry this Birthday post is so late.

2 lil' notes:

Horn Family said...

That is awesome looking cake!! Good job Crystal!! Cute pics!!! : ) Happy Birthday Britt one more time : )

Cassie Jensen said...

Dittos on the cake! You'll have to share the recipe- looks delish! Oh, yah- and happy birthday, Britt!