Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Action Packed Weekend (a week ago)

We had a very fun weekend. Saturday my Mom and Alexis went to the Puyallup Spring Fair. We meet Jenn and Ashlee and her mom and sister there. We saw all the animals and did the fun kids crafts. Alexis touched a turtle and a snake, but would not touch the Bearded Dragons. We then went and rented Bedtime Stories and got Applebee's carside and came home to eat. It was a cute movie. Grandma then read Alexis a few stories and sang her some songs before she went to sleep.

Sunday we went out to Britt's brothers house in Eygpt, I mean Ollala(?). We played some outside games and then went to the beach. Joemma Beach State Park. It is rocky, but great. Alexis loved throwing rocks and diggin in the sand. She was running in the surf and we got a good action sequence of her falling! She had such a blast and didn't want to leave. We then went back to Collin and Damita's house for hamburgers. It was a great day spent with family. It was so warm and the water felt great.

If you could blow this up you would see that both feet are in the air.
I post this one because Alexis really doesn't like to be dirty, but today she was digging in the sand and it was all over her.For some reason she would not step on the crack. She walked really slowly and only made it half way and turned around.

Monday Alexis and I went to the park and on a walk with Ashlee and Jenn. We had Subway for lunch and got a bit sun burned. Grandpa came to the park for a bit too. I bought a little pool and Alexis had fun playing in the water. I will post these pictures later!

She played in the pool on Tuesday with Ashlee and Evana. Evana wouldn't get near the pool though. We set the slide up so that they could slide into the pool, oh the fun they had with that. Otter pops, capri suns, graham crackers and a pool = fun, fun and more fun! I can't wait for endless days of sun and swimming!

4 lil' notes:

Cynthia said...

You have such a beautiful little family! I love to see all the fun memories you are creating for that adorable little girl of your's!

Horn Family said...

What a beautiful view!!!! Looks like Alexis had a ton of fun!!! How awesome!! We will have to do that sometime when we come down hang out at Collin and Damita's house!!! : ) Miss you all!!! : )

Collett Family said...

Cute pictures. It looks beautiful there. It is so wonderful when you are able to spend time together as a family.

The Newmans said...

The weather looks lovely there. I am so jealous and tired of all the rain and snow we keep getting. Alexis is adorable as always!