Sunday, December 21, 2008

A snowed in Sunday

I think that we have had our fill of snow!!!! It just keeps coming and coming, along with some freezing rain. We have to chip 1/4 of ice off our porch in the morning and I am going to take a picture first thing when I get up. On our side porch we have 8 inches, but that is the North side of the house and the snow goes from South to North so I am sure we have close to a foot. Church was cancelled for us so we settled in and started a 1000 piece puzzle. In the 9 years Britt and I have been married he has never expressed an interest in them. So last night at the party we got a puzzle. It is done except one piece, sad we can't find it. I can't wait to see how much snow we get tonight.

Alexis is getting very excited for Christmas. She just noticed the presents under the tree and keeps bringing me one, of course it isn't for her. She still hasn't opened them yet. She got a Finding Nemo inflatable bed today from Jon and Steph and loves it. It is set up in our living room and will make a great bed for her when Lim and Erin are here in February, which I am so excited for! Ok off to bed still not feeling top notch and I am watching Amy's kids in the morning.

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Collett Family said...

I have heard about all the snow Washington has gotten - it is absolutely crazy. The Boise area has been hit with more snow than usual, but nothing like you guys. I guess it is definitely going to be a white Christmas! Have a great holiday and stay warm and safe!