Monday, December 8, 2008

Decked the Halls

We did it! We are officially ready for Christmas! I got the decorations, minus the nativity can't find it, and did the house up really cute. Alexis cracked me up while I was decorating. Everything I pulled out she would say "Wow Mommy." She also kept asking me "What you doing Mommy?" haha she is so cute. We went and bought our tree with the Koeller's...I really love having them as friends. It is the biggest tree we have ever had and the best smelling. My whole living room smells like pine! We had 2 strands of lights that covered our fake tree no problem but not this tree, we bought an extra set tonight and still need one more! I put lights on the outside of the house, only ones that I could reach, and when we got home from getting the tree we turned them on. Alexis was amazed at them and told us it was so pretty. She is just so smart and wonderful. After getting back from the store she was very upset because the lights on the tree were broke, then I plugged them in and she said it was pretty. We may be having the lights on a lot this year for her! Alexis loved decorating the tree and hopefully will love leaving the ornaments on it! Britt is excited because the tree is so big it is going to be hard to put stuff under it and so it is going to look very full. I am realizing something this year, it always bothered me that my parents didn't get that much for Christmas. I now know why it was that way, I just want to see her open gifts and be excited and happy and that is really enough and it was probably the same for my parents! Seriously I want to wrap her gifts up and let her open them everyday until Christmas just to see her get excited. Of course I won't! I think this is the most excited for Christmas I have been since I was a child! Alexis loves taking pictures now so if they look like a child took them well she did. She also has to see every picture I take off her now, good thing I have a quick camera or all of my pictures would be of her running at me!

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Kate said...

I love the picture of you two in front of the tree- too cute.