Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Card 2008

This year has gone by so quickly. Alexis is very excited for Christmas and the snow we have right now. She is such a amazing little girl and is always making us laugh. We have been very busy this year going to Mexico, camping, Great Wolf Lodge and just spending time with friends and family.

Britt has been experimenting with the mountaineer side of living in Western Washington and is getting closer and closer to hiking Mount Rainier. He would have already climbed if he had the proper gear. So that is his goal right now to gather the gear and get up on top of the world. He has had fun teaching the Sunbeams with me this last year and looks forward to a new class of Sunbeams. This class will be different because we haven't taught them since being moved out of nursery, it should be fun! He is going in for surgery next week and hopefully everything will get us one step closer to a baby.

I have been reading like crazy to Alexis and on my own. I have been painting, tiling and trying to keep the house organized. My piano lessons are going well and things are going much better now that I have my own piano and that we moved the piano into the living room. My garden didn't do so well, but I take comfort in a lot of other people's having the same problems. I have been having so much fun with Alexis and being her mom.

Alexis amazes us all the time. She is talking so much and it is super cute. She has so much energy and can run very fast. We love to cuddle on the couch, talk, laugh and just be silly. She loves to play hide and seek and loves to follow around the big kids. She surprised us by wanting to potty train right about her 2nd birthday, I secretly think it was because she wanted a bigger toy and clothes budget! She has outgrown her biting stage and now plays wonderfully with her friends...a bit bossy still though. She is so animated at everythings she does and uses her hands to talk, it is so girly! Alexis loves rockband so we got her an electric drum and toy guitar so she can rock and roll with daddy. It is the funniest thing ever, to see her shake her bum and get down! She is such a dancer and is finally getting old enough to go to lessons, which we will be putting her in when the next session starts. She twirls, and taps her toes and shakes her hips and gets her self so dizzy she falls.

We are just trying to ride out this economy crisis, not very well though since our Semi-truck engine just died. So we are now dropping $1800 on a new one and Britt has been off work for 2 weeks and will be for another week too. It is painful, but necessary. We hope this year will bring us a bunch of first. We are hoping for a new baby, dance recitals, learning how to ride a bike with training wheels, and a few more. Have a great new year and

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