Monday, December 29, 2008

Tree Replacement

Today we took our tree down. We usually wait until after New Years, but I just couldn't. I have had my piano for almost a year now and it has been in the spare bedroom because we just didn't have room for it in the living room. When I rearranged the furniture for our huge tree I started thinking about what I would do after Christmas. Was I going to move things around again since it was going to leave a huge empty wall or keep things like they were and all of the sudden it hit me. My piano would fit there and look fabulous. So I measured things out and sure enough it would fit. So I anxiously awaited the tree to come down. Britt and I had a struggle to move the piano and finally ended up turning it on it's end like the movers did. It was so scary and not as smooth as they did it(we didn't have the piano mover thing)! We folded blankets up and slid it along until it was in the hall and then put it back on its wheels. We did put a little cut in the carpet about an inch long. I glued the carpet back down, but gee we just might have to replace it now. Which of course would break my heart since I love it so much, not. The piano looks so great and I am playing it so much more now that it is out here, my piano teacher will be happy about that.

2 lil' notes:

leslie mae said...

WOW!!! It does look fabulous!! I want to see a picture of the whole room!! I am so glad you put it in the living room; you'll LOVE it there!!!! I am so glad you're taking lessons!!! WAHOO!!

Horn Family said...

That is so awesome Crystal!!! I can't wait to see you in February!!! I have found a couple of people who are giving piano lessons!! I so want to take some! I just need a keyboard first and then work my way up to a piano! Miss you and Love You!!!