Monday, December 1, 2008

New Toys

A new washer and dryer for me! We went out Saturday to get a new dryer, ours is antique and liked to burn fleece. We ended up buying front loaders! This is really good news for me since i wash clothes everyday. I hate dirty laundry sitting around so I wash frequently. They are energy star appliances so will hopefully save us on our power and water bills. I think the dryer will for sure.

Background on our dryer is this: It was in the house when we bought it along with a washer that died a few years ago. We decided since they both worked that we would use them until they died. We were watching tv one night and That 70's Show was on and we saw our dryer as a prop. We think it is older then we are...but one tough machine. I am almost sad to take it to the recyclers, but it will just burn someone else's clothes.

We put our washer on Craig's list yesterday and have 2 offers already and one from someone we know. We probably could get more for it but we are not notorious for cheating ourselves! I will post pictures as soon as we get the dryer in a week.