Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Alexis loves swim suits. She would wear them to play in the snow if I let her(provided we had snowotherwise she would play in the rain!)she will go the whole day wearing them, changing them of course every few hours. To curb this I moved them into my room in my dresser, she figured it out and would get them out the same, so I moved them to the closet. She hasn't figured it out but I am sure she would climb something to try and get them. I thought I had won until today. She put on my swim suit and was running around in it. the score is Alexis 3, Mom 2 oh well I guess it could be worse. Oh it is worse when she colors with blue marker all over herself, she even got her back. Funny little girl.

1 lil' notes:

Collett Family said...

What a funny little girl. It might be annoying right now, but I bet you will look back when she is older and laugh about how much she loved those swimming suits. Maybe she will grow up to be a great swimmer!