Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sleep Study

We are home. Last night was Alexis's sleep study at Children's Hospital at Overlake Hospital. We went to Whole Foods Market and got some goodies and then went to the Hospital. A side note here: Bellevue what is up with not plowing your roads? Alexis was so good and let the tech put all the electrodes on her she had two on each leg, two on her chin, one by each eye, one on her forehead and then seven in her hair. She also had two heart rate monitors on her chest and a belly belt and chest belt. Then she had a monitor under her nose and then a tube under her nose to measure oxygen. Each electrode had paste to stick it to her skin and then tape over it and glue for the oxygen thing and tape over that. I will try to scan the picture they took over her and put it on here because I forgot my camera. She was so cute about it. We bribed her with fruit snacks and cheese to keep her laying down once they were all hooked up. It took her awhile to fall asleep and I had to keep reminding her that if she wanted a toy she needed to go to bed. Then she woke up at 3am and I had to remind her that the toy was on the line so she went back to sleep. I don't know how she slept with all that stuff on her face and head, but surprisingly the pulse monitor on her toe bugged her the most. When she woke up they took all the stuff off her and she got to pick out a toy. She could have had all kinds of stuffed animals and yet she choose the smallest penguin that had a squeaker tummy. She was a wreck though with all that glue and paste. I gave her a bath and I may have to wash her up again once we see if her hair is greasy when it is dry. The guy said she was so cute and did better then most 4 years that come in. We won't know what the results are for a month unless they are serious. It will be a 900-1200 page report, One page for every 30 seconds that she slept. Crazy!

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Jenn said...

That's crazy how much stuff they hooked up! Too bad you forgot your camera!