Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Beautiful Sight!

Her first look at the snow from last night! I thought we should go out and play in it before it went away! It isn't going away anytime soon and we are supposed to get more.
Eating the snowman!!!

Sledding down our driveway.

We decided the driveway might be a bit much for Ashlee so this is into our ditch, it was perfect. I really am so surprised at all the snow. I was sweeping it off my porch so that it doesn't get crazy icy and I was taking an inch off about every 30 minutes. It is cold though 23 degrees and it is supposed to get colder. I love this stuff, except the icy roads and then the closed roads. I have heard the rumor that 410 is closed. For those who don't live here that is a big deal since it is the only major road up here for thousands of people. Britt and Keven Pine took off at 3 to go to Yelm and are still not back yet and probably won't be for at least another hour, if the roads aren't closed. Tomorrow will be another fun day of snow play and then Saturday night it is supposed to start again. There is a small chance that the snow could still be here on that all important holiday that is coming up....I won't say which one so that I don't jinx it! I should go take a picture of what things look like after all day snowing, but it is cold and I am going to curl up with some cider and read since Alexis is already in dreamland! Happy snow filled dreams.

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leslie mae said...

WOW!!! Oh I love the snow; we're in the middle of a blizzard... glad I have nowhere to go... until tonight... hope it clears up for that! Alexis looks so stinkin cute in her winter get-up!!