Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Merry Christmas Evening and Day

Christmas Eve: Bergman family party. We had our party at Amy and Greg's house this year and we had taco soup. It was good, the kids thought it was too spicy so we feed them cookies for dinner!!! Hey it is Christmas eve and the sugar plums dancing will be so much sweeter when they are filled up with sweets. We had a good time visiting and the kids all got to have a part in the Christmas story. Shirley, Britt's mom, has gotten very wise over the years and bought the cutest stuffed doll nativity set and let each kid hold one doll and then stand up when the story was at their part. It worked out really well with so many kids. We then exchanged gifts and did our adult gift game. There were 5 men and we put their presents in the middle and they circled around them while we all sang Here Comes Santa Claus. Then they had to grab a gift, well that turned into gifts being kicked (Britt) and a wrestling match. It is to funny because the gifts are all simple things, except little did they know Grandpa Harold's pocket watch was one of them. They thought maybe they will make it a tradition to pass it to the next brother every Christmas, but who knows. It was nice. After that we stopped at the Koeller's because we had some special packages that were being kept at our house that had to be delivered ;). Alexis went right to bed because we told her that she had to go to sleep so Santa would come and bring her presents....I never thought it would work on a 2 year old but it does!

Christmas Morning starting at 8am! Yea we got to sleep in, probably the last year for that! Our wonderfully white Christmas was great. It snowed all day, not much accumulation though. Alexis went right to opening the presents so I didn't get a picture of her, we did video the whole thing. She had a hand in every present that we unwrapped. Barely even noticed what was under the paper before reaching for the next one, even when the next when was for someone else. She had so much fun and her long patience in not opening a single present before Christmas paid off because Britt and I let her help us open ours too. We hung out at home for a bit and then went to my parents house and had a yummy dinner and opened more presents. We then went over to the Koeller's and had pie and visited until our movie. The adults went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at 10pm. It was a 3 hours movie and held our attention very well and kept us awake. Good show, and we came back to a house full of blissfully sleeping children! When we got home Britt started playing his new game on the Wii and I went to bed. Ok well I did plug my new GPS in to start charging. My parents spoiled us all this year and to top it off my mom bought a Circut, she bought it knowing that both Steph and I want one and so now all we have to do is buy the cartridges. It really benefits all of us and I am so pleased with how generous everyone has been even with a down economy. Alexis will even tell you she got spoiled. Thank you everyone we love you and hope that you all had wonderful Christmas's too!

So these are the only pictures I took!
They are after the gifts were unwrapped!

2 lil' notes:

leslie mae said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!! I would love to spend a Christmas in Washington!!! Alexis is growing up so fast; she's absolutely adorable!!!

Horn Family said...

Yeah we had to video everything because for some reason my camera wasn't charged. Which was wierd. So I didn't get any pictures of the boys! Alexis is so big now! Man they grow up so fast! I wish we so could have been there for Christmas! Esp with all that snow!!! We had snow too and a white Christmas but I think you guys had more. Miss you guys Love you!!! Merry Christmas!!!!