Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve

Bringing in the New Year with a bang! We partied hard at our Rockband party and the kids all had so much fun. Britt, Josie and Michael got so into the theme and the rest of us kind of dressed up. We had to make the guys get of the game to ring in the new year and almost didn't get the martinelles open in time, watched the neighbors lighting fireworks off way to close to the fence and came home. It was a bunch of fun.

Woke up in a brand new year and set to work making tamales!!!! It was a bunch of fun and even though the 4 of us women had never made them before they turned out great. Thanks Leslie for your recipe, we only tweeked the meat part. We used beef and I added some taco sauce because it was a bit sweet for my taste. They were yummy. We had a big surprise while making them though. Our hot water heater had quit working. It was exciting with all the dishes that we had created. I am super woman though and heated water on the stove and washed them up in a jiffy, It felt a bit like camping though!

Britt says we have hot water again after tweeking the valve and stuff, and we have a few inches of fresh snow that fell over night. Alexis is seeing it for the first time right now! She had a rough night waking up 3 times and not wanting to go back to sleep. So lets hope the new year is just as exciting as the first 2 days have been!!!! I will add pictures later!

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