Sunday, January 4, 2009

A good nights rest

We have the cutest video of Alexis seeing her bed, but I can't find the adapter for the video camera. I do have a picture of her sleeping in it though. While I went to get the camera to take a picture of her foot on the wall Britt tucked her, so this isn't as funny as it would have been. She keep pointing to Jasmine saying Tinkerbell, so I may have to find some Tink sheets. She woke up at 5:30 because she had to go potty but didn't cry and fuss when I told her to go back to her bed. I went with her to tuck her in and she asked me to stay with her. Let me tell you I would sleep on her new bed any night over the crib/toddler bed. I am of the sound opinion that our dear girl has been flopping around and banging her little body up every night and that might be the cause of her waking up repeatedly and not wanting to get back in bed. Many nights have been spent with her trying to sleep on her fold out Elmo couch(and her insisting that I lay on it with her). This morning she fell back to sleep immediately and so did I for about an hour. I only woke up because a foot found it's way to my face! I think I have found a bed quilt that I Pottery Barn of course. So I am going to have to save for a long time or try and recreate it on my own. I am seriously consdiering making it, I want it to be quilted but I want to make it a duvet cover for the winter. This girl gets cold even if her room is 78.
So I guess it depends on whether I can find fabric I like and if I still like it in 2 weeks! Haha I guess that is why I never seem to buy things I like when I first see them. I always change my mind. Pottery barn has so many cute comforters they are just spendy.
Britt is so cute! I had really sore feet the other night and so while at Walmart last night he found a foot spa and bought it for me. It was a great deal at $3.75, I think I will go use it now!

2 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

All grown-up!

Goff Six Adventures said...

That's funny, it's the exact same quilt I want to get for Ella next month!!!