Friday, January 23, 2009

First Day

The job must be official. Yesterday Britt met the owner at the truck and gave him the application(he had interviewed with him the night before and showed him his resume). Tom, the owner, gave him the keys and a KT Sweatshirt. He had a bit of a rough day though. The truck is a 9 car trailer which Britt hasn't worked on in over 2 years and it had been sitting for awhile so things weren't greased and lubed up very well. Also each driver prefers his chains and things in certain spots so Britt had to move things around so it took him a long time to get going. He says that things are going much better today and he says he should cut his load time in half on the next load. We are both so relieved that he is working, even though the rumor is that Tom works his guys hard, it is better then nothing. Britt is so tired though he was going soft sitting around the house on Facebook all day. HAHAHAHA, I teased him about FB the whole time he was off, because he got so into the street racing and mob wars. Anyways, so things are less stressful around here. I feel like celebrating tonight, but I guess making tamales tomorrow will have to do.

I have to say that I know Heavenly Father blessed us. I know it is because we pay our tithing. When we got paid on the 15th, we paid it even though that money would have helped carry us through longer. We both knew the Lord would carry us through 100 times further then that little bit of money. I love being a member of this church and having the gospel in my life. I love having a calling and that I get to teach the Sunbeams. I think about my lesson for Sunday and I hope that it helps these kiddos to know that Heavenly Father loves them. I am grateful we have good friends and family who called us, wrote us and offered help if we needed it. Also those who offered job options, you all mean the world to us, Thank you.

2 lil' notes:

Ashley said...

It's good to have a job during these times, I'm glad things worked out :)

Collett Family said...

I am so happy that something worked out. These are scary times that we are living in, but the Lord is ever mindful of our needs.