Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Play time

Evana and Alexis were playing so good together today. It is funny how at first the 7 month age gap seems huge, but now it is no big deal. Alexis plays a lot more with her little people house now, a year after she received it. Funny girl also is obsessed with doing the laundry, hmmm wonder where she got that from??? She takes the laundry out of the dryer and puts in a basket, then takes the laundry out of the washer and puts it in the dryer and even turns it on. She then loads the washer and turns it on, which I have to turn off to put soap in. It is so weird how we pass our habits down to our kids even at 2 she is turning out to be just like Britt and I. I just love her even though she spent 2 hours crying and kicking her door because she "didn't want go to bed" and yelled that she had to go potty, yet when I took her in she refused to even sit on the toilet. Let's just say it was a very trying parent moment. She finally crashed and woke up happy as can be. Stinker girl. So since she didn't wake up until 10am she received no nap and will be going to bed early...yea for us. Oh and Britt got work for tomorrow and a call about some more work. So even though he doesn't have a permanent job yet at least he still is working. My camera is charging so when it is done I will upload the video of Alexis and Evana playing.

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