Thursday, January 15, 2009

Date set

Alexis's surgery is scheduled. She will be getting the tonsils out on February 13th. I didn't think about it until I got of the phone that Valentines day is the next day. So I guess Britt and I will be taking it easy. We usually do though, but I was gonna plan a little party for the kids and let them do the chocolate fountain....not gonna happen. Maybe I will just do it for Easter. Then again maybe I will do a cheese fountain and then Alexis will eat some. Hey she may even like chocolate after the surgery, she has been eating it a bit more here and there. Maybe chocolate is hard for her to swallow. Maybe that is why she won't eat meat either...stretching I know. I can always wish for a toddler who eats everything. She does love ice cream as long as it is sherbet, which she will be getting alot of. We went to the park yesterday and to get her to leave I told her that we were going to get a treat. Even though it was bitter cold outside and we were freezing she asked for ice cream. This morning before she even ate breakfast she asked for ice cream. At least she knows what she likes!

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