Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T & A Surgery

That would be tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for our little lady. The doctor didn't even hesitate. He walked in looked at her ears and throat and started talking about the surgery. He is also concerned because he says there is sticky fluid in her ear and I guess that means it has been there for awhile. So while she is out he is going to look in her ears and see if the fluid is still there and if it is, he will put tubes in right then. I guess the tubes is a simple procedure that for older kids is done in the office but for little ones they put them out. He doesn't want to have to put her out a second time if she needs them in a month. We are going to have to wait though for all this since we have family coming on the 29th and will have a very full house and a cranky 2 year who just had surgery is not in the plans. It is for the best anyway that we wait that way Amy has a chance to figure something out for her kids for the week of her recovery. Alexis may have to spend the night, it just depends on how she is doing. They said 2 year olds wake up very cranky from surgery....how exciting. I do feel a bit better because they said that when they take her into surgery we can put on a surgery suit and go in while they put her to sleep. That way she won't be too scared. We told her about the surgery and she said ok mommy. I am just glad she has no idea what it means or she might be scared... like I am. She was cute when the doctor checked her out she wanted it done again and when we saw the sleep clinic doctor Alexis asked her to check her again. They showed me her tonsils and her throat has such a small opening and they said it gets even smaller when she sleeps. So that is that hopefully she recovers quickly from this.

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Kate said...

Ammon had this exact surgery. I don't remember how old Ammon was- maybe 3- but he would stop breathing for 10 seconds in his sleep- scary! Poor little girl.