Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 hours sleep

Whenever I go to a girls night out with my girlfriends and family we stay up extremely late. Britt is always shaking his head wondering why we stay up like that. Well last night he pulled an all night with his buddies. They did have fun, but boy is he paying for it now. Alexis wants to wrestle and since he is laying on the floor trying to sleep, there isn't much he can do about it! She gets the stool and climbs up to get a better jump on him. They weren't even doing anything that When the girls get together we eat and laugh watch movies or play games. So I think he thought he would be sly so that I didn't know what time he got home. He went in and slept in Alexis' bed. I think he was going to try and say she woke up and he just feel asleep with her, but little did he know she had already woke up and I had gone into her room for that exact reason and was there until 5am. Foiled his plan, hahahahaha. I told him that he absolutely has to go to church today though, because if he is feeling well enough to play he can go to church!

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